Stages Build Houses

Stages Build Houses

Required in building houses caution, because if the start of the "Pathways to Work" there are stages of the forgotten / missed, then the impact will be able to face the problem / problems in the field.

Because of the increasing number of homeowners keiinginan to know how to process, Procedure and Stages Build Houses, so in this time we will discuss Procedures and stages of development ranging from the preparation work to be occupied house.

Procedures and steps are to be made in stages, so that later in the implementation of housing construction homeowners can follow the step-by-step implementation.

Procedures and the stage is prepared without any relation to a particular home design Living, Procedures and stages can be used for all types of Residential Design.

The stages include:

A. Civil Works
preparatory work
Work foundation
Work Concrete Structures
Couple Wall and Plastering jobs
Work Frame Roof
Installation Work of Water and Wastewater
Work InstalasiListrik
Work Plafond
Frame Work, Door and Window

B. Finishing the job
Work Material Installation Floor / Wall
Work Refinishing / melamik / Duco
Job Lock and Tool Hanger
Sanitary Installation Work
Work Lamp Fixture and Switch-Stop Contacts
Fencing Front and entrance
Work Carport and Entrance
C. Handover Work Work
First Handover
Warranty Period
Second Handover