Deal with the construction of houses in a narrow

Deal with the construction of houses in a narrow. The price of land from year to year continues to increase is a certainty that can not be contested by anyone. Especially if we live in big cities like Jakarta, the dream to live in the city like was only a dream. For those who have a limited budget then it must give way to look for more affordable housing outside of the city.

With consideration to own a home close to work or avoid congestion in fact we may have a home in the city even though funds are limited. But with limited funds consequences of land we can buy a little more. Occupancy in major cities in Japan, many are built on land that is narrow because the very high price of land there. But it does not diminish the beauty of the design as well as comfort for the residents.

An example is a house in Japan is a project called M House. The house is built on land with a width of only 5 meters long and 25 meters. With a land area of ​​125 square meters is the basic form of the building consists of two floors. Ground floor as a parking lot that can accommodate cars up to 2 units. Due to the limited land on the ground floor of every inch of land is utilized. In addition to parking, there is also a wc, a ballroom (tatami), as well as the lobby or the entrance to the second floor. On the walls of the hall used to be cabinets are versatile storage of goods. Walkways along the 22 yards on the ground floor is quite long and has a branch leading to the ballroom and hall. Hall at the end of the building leads to the garden behind the house as well as a spiral staircase for access to the second floor.

Climb the spiral staircase to the second floor, each room is set in a linear sequence. Starting from the living room, dining room, kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Activities are conducted in a small room does not mean to make us uncomfortable. All rooms are standard size units of the same even when applied to a large area though. It's just that each of the existing space has been laid out in parallel (lined) customized site conditions.

Narrow room will be felt stuffy. Therefore, it needs to be lighting and natural penghawaan by creating openings in walls and roofs. Can also be done by making a small void that allows the circulation of air to flow smoothly to the second floor and add lighting.

In a narrow room should avoid the use of many massive partition or wall. For a very personal space like a bathroom, although the office remains closed, but we can put a transparent glass partition as a room divider in the hall. Able to limit the area glass partition bathroom damp and wet but still can forward view to the outside, making the room look more spacious and bright.

Although narrow, but not all of the land is closed to established buildings. Leave approximately 20% of the area open as a park to beautify the environment and water infiltration. The gardens were created to maximize sunlight and good air circulation inside the home.